Late Spring and Fall 2015 Colloquium

We have added a special post-semester colloquium:


11 June

 "A Planetary Driver of Atmospheric, Environmental, and Biological change through the Precambrian."

Martin Van Kranendonk, University of New South Wales, Australia


"Proposed GeoBioCell experiments: An Archean perspective"

David Pearse, University of New South Wales, Australia


Thursday, June 11, 2015 – 4:00 PM
Room 612/614, Carl R. Woese Institute of Genomic Biology
1206 West Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801


Here's the developing Fall Series:


4:00 Thursdays, unless stated otherwise below


Location:  103 Talbot Laboratory

104 S Wright St
Urbana, IL 61801

From CAB: Across Wright and 100 m south

For a map and accessibility information for Talbot Hall please see

Pre-talk reception 3:40 to 4:00, 169 Computing Applications Building (CAB)

27 Aug: No colloquium (first week of classes)


3 Sept:


10 Sept:


17 Sept:


24 Sept: Mian Liu, University of Missouri


1 Oct: Joe Dufek, Georgia Tech


8 Oct: Shijie Zhong, University of Colorado


15 Oct:


22 Oct:


29 Oct: Gillen D'Arcy Wood, UIUC


5 Nov:


12 Nov: 2nd Annual Phillips Lecture in Paleoscience

Kate Freeman, Penn State


19 Nov:


26 Nov:  No Colloquium:  Thanksgiving recess


3 Dec: Karen Gran, University of Minnesota-Duluth


10 Dec:  No Colloquium: (last week of classes)