Fall 2014 Colloquium

4:00 Thursdays, unless stated otherwise below


Location:  103 Talbot Hall

104 South Wright Street, Urbana

From CAB: Across Wright and slightly south

For a map and accessibility information for Talbot Hall please see


Pre-talk reception 3:40 to 4:00, 169 Computing Applications Building (CAB)

28 AugNo colloquium (first week of classes)

4 SepKirkpatrick Lecture: "Rhyolites are hard to make but easy to recycle: Micro-isotopic evidence and numerical models" Ilya Bindeman, University of Oregon

11 Sep: "Cenozoic evolution of North America: from mantle dynamics to paleoclimate change"  Lijun Liu, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

17 Sep: "Natural Hazards and Human Behavior: The Dangerous Dynamics of Megadisasters" Susan Kieffer, Center for Advanced Study and Walgreen Professor Emerita of Geology and Physics

7:30 PM

Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum

18 Sep: "Tracking Holocene Climate and Ice Sheet Behavior Using Lake Sediments
from Greenland and Arctic Canada"
Yarrow Axford, Northwestern University

25 Sep: "A  417-year seasonally resolved tree-ring oxygen-isotope record: Influences of climate oscillations and solar forcing" Dana Labotka, Illinois State Geological Survey

2 Oct: "Mantle flow determined by joint seismic/geodynamic inversions" Steve Grand, UT Austin

9 Oct: Ross Powell, Northern Illinois University

16 Oct: “Andean foreland basins: A thermochronological perspective on deformation, sediment provenance, and basin thermal histories” Julie Fosdick, Indiana University

23 Oct

30 Oct: 1st annual Phillips Lecture: "The Deep History of Life" Andrew Knoll, Harvard University

6 Nov: Department of Geology Alumni Achievement Award Presentation
John Shelton, Ph.D. 1952

13 Nov: Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer: "Natural radiation damage in minerals: What can we learn?" Lutz Nasdala, University of Vienna

20 Nov: "A Global Surge of Great Earthquakes and What We Are Learning From Them" Thorne Lay, UC Santa Cruz

27 Nov:  No colloquium (Thanksgiving)

4 Dec Art Bettis, University of Iowa