Spring 2014 Colloquium


Important:  Colloquium Will Change to THURSDAYS at 4:00 PM for the spring semester

Tentative Location:  103 Talbot Hall

104 South Wright Street, Urbana

From CAB: Across Wright and slightly south

For a map and accessibility information for 119 MSEB please see


Pre-talk reception 3:40 to 4:00, 169 Computing Applications Building (CAB)

23 Jan"Travertines ain't no cheddar - What’s the story behind the holes?" Eva De Boever, KU Leuven

30 Jan"Glacial cirques and the link between climate and mountain range height" Sara Mitchell, College of the Holy Cross

6 FebThe R. James Kirkpartick Lecture: "Boom-chugga-lugga in Russia and Guatemala: Kitchen Seismology of Exploding Volcanoes" Jonathan Lees, UNC Chapel Hill

13 Feb"The pattern of stress distribution in rocks and its impact on foliation, fracture and flow" Pamela Burnley, UNLV


27 FebThe Glenn and Susan Buckley Lecture
"Quantifying terrestrial gross primary production using carbonyl sulfide fluxes" Max Berkelhammer, University of Illinois Chicago

5 MarNoon Lecture:  2311 Yeh Center (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

The National Ground Water Association Darcy Lecture

"Optimizing Capillary Trapping as a Carbon Dioxide Mitigation Strategy: Pore-Scale Findings in Support of Larger-Scale Implementation" Dorte Wildenschild, Oregon State University

6 MarThe GSA Hydrogeology Division Birdsall-Dreiss Lecture
"Critical zone processes at the watershed scale: Hydroclimate and groundwater flowpath mediated evolution of forest canopy patterns"

Larry Band, UNC Chapel Hill

13 Mar"A physics based model for fault gouge: Comminution, thermal softening, and strain localization" Ahmed Elbanna, UIUC Civil Engineering

20 Mar:  The Richard L. Hay Lecture
"Seismic structure of the western U.S. mantle and the origin of the Yellowstone hotspot" Brandon Schmandt, University of New Mexico

27 Mar:  No Colloquium:  Spring Break

3 Apr “Forty-five Years in Geology: Looking Back at Highlights from Research” Jim Cobb, Kentucky State Geologist, Director, Kentucky Geological Survey

10 Apr: "The Meadow Bank Lineament of the Wabash Valley: Neotectonism or a unique example of torrential erosion?" Drew Phillips, ISGS

17 Apr: "Plagiogranites, zircons, and isotopes: What conditions are just right for creating felsic melts from mafic oceanic crust?" Craig Grimes, Ohio University

24 Apr: Ralph E. Grim Lecture

"Rapid monsoon onset during the middle-Pleistocene in the southwestern US: Evidence from diatom oxygen isotope values" Justin Dodd, Northern Illinois University


1 May:  "Insights into plateau uplift and paleoclimate from clumped isotopes" Kate Huntington, University of Washington